Repentance is Calling





    "Let There Be Absolute Light"

    Divine Order is what the Creator offers, a perfect directive and mandate; full of good, and abaolute instructions, commands and imperatives, which are necessary for us to be aligned and functional, in the movement of natural order, and is the corrective power to destroy chaos, and disorder in our lives. Divine order means to be directed by the Creator's absolute light, His mercy is written in everyday, and His grace is inscribed in every moment!




    The earth is full of the glory of the Creator



    My Tribute to the Creator


    Creator, it is You who created the breath that fills me with life, and the air that translates into breathing.

    With my mouth opened or closed, I experience what inhaling and exhaling entails with my mouth,

    truly means life, that I am alive,

    With my mouth closed there is still a pathway for the air to pass through which cancels death,

    The open nasal passage to exhale, within this moment,

    Yet, this is how silence is procured and it is what happens when the air does not turn into utterance,

    Because silence is the effect.

    This occurs in times of stillness and solace,

    Not a sound escapes and peace is truly still.


    When I inhale and that air escapes the silence,

    As I begin my day my first utterances,

    I desire to be are of repentance, thanks, and

    praises to You,

    It is You who has taught me the value of breathing,

    The deepest and most profound purpose,

    In taking a breath is praising You as Creator,

    Realizing that I am a creature, and becoming aware and aligned to why I live, move and have my being.

    The Psalmist declared let everything that has breath “Praise the Creator” You are teaching me the depth and value of inhaling and exhaling are found in who You are.


    The breath that I breathe originates from You. You gave it to me through the process that flesh was ordained to travel; My origin began with You long before I appeared in the birth channels of my parents, You knew my form. The greatest purpose I’ve have found for the use of the air I breath is to use it to praise You with and to speak all of the kind and precious words about You with this my breath, it is the value I can only find in You, for living and breathing. The greatest expression I can ever utter would be Creator to You knowing that You are creating the fruit of my lips.


    The realization of who You are astounds me, I marvel because of You, and the beauty that You alone

    Have created is too exponential for my mere words.

    If I took all of the words which mean something great,

    I still would fall short of rendering to You the praise, and The worship that You alone deserve.

    Nevertheless, I will thank and praise You with this breath You have allowed me to possess;

    it is precious only because it forms the expression “Creator” a term so great, all of my breath bows to have the privilege to utter.


    How can I, a mortal creature attain to such greatness and Not marvel and o e overwhelmed?

    My mortality that longs and yearns to be in Your presence, every second of the day,

    But the body is my hindrance,

    Yet my spirit and soul soar in a continuous refrain,

    As though there were no limits.

    I emote You to the highest power of my being,

    I love You with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength, My emotions find health and freedom to feel,

    Knowing that You will never break my heart, and that,

    I can confidently trust in You as the fruit of my lips

    You create just because I breathe,


    Breathing is not just taking air in, it is releasing it as well It, speaks of a process which enables, and

    Guides the very breath towards cognizant utterance.

    It is a mouth full of air, a process so natural,

    It can be taken for granted,

    I take a breath in, upon exhaling to release it,

    Articulation takes place consisting of sounds,

    Who You are gives speaking its value, and worth,

    Of who You are expressed through my praise,

    In spoken words and songs of You,

    I sing because I worship You in song, It is in my heart.

    The greatest breath I’ve even taken is to repent, thank and praise You as Creator!










    What inspires poetry or prose? Anything and anyone can inspire it. But there is a spirit in a man/woman and the inspiration of the Almighty grants the capacity to understand.




    SELAH means pause to think



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  • Freedom is belief in the

    What must I do to work the works of God?


    “Then said they unto him, What must we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent” (John 6:28-29 KJV).

    Independence is dependent upon what you believe

    John 3:16 - King James Version (KJV)


    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Question Is?

    What does it mean to respect the Creator?



    Primarily, we will have to qualify what we know and what is meant by Creator...How do we see, perceive, understand and know the Creator, who created everything that was and is and ever shall be? Knowledge of the Creator comes through revelation, continuously and progressively through all that has been created. We don't automatically know anything about the Creator except what is revealed through The Scriptures, through nature and everything made and created. Respect will emerge as acknowledgment surfaces.


  • I accept the invitation extended to me which makes me accepted by the Beloved "Creator"....

    " It is truly a special place to be.

    Thank You, Creator!


    I take my stand as a member, in particular, and I declare that the gates of hell nor death may try to assail me, but they will never prosper nor succeed, against me and my stance. membership and position in the universe, world, and earth be of who Created!


    Take your stand as a member in particular!

    Find us all throughout and all over the world!

    "Members in particular"

    strategically placed.

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  • Crescendo of Praises is book of poetry and reflections of how the grateful heart finds expression through words. It is a book of praises to and about the Creator of all things that were, are, and shall be, the Most High God, and His Son Jesus Christ the Lord, and all inspiration through the Holy Spirit. All glory to the Godhead!


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